Congratulations, you just finished your studies and have obtained the right papers to start your professional career! However you might not sure about the next step yet. You might want to learn more, you might not be sure which position you want to work for, or you might even seek a career change. In these cases, a traineeship to become a consultant at Devoteam might be the right way to jumpstart your (new) career.


For a traineeship, you have to apply just like you would have to do for “normal” positions. The key difference here is that in this case, you apply for a position in combination with training. So in short, a traineeship is a combination of employment and training.


The training starts after you passed the job application and is focused to get you on the right level of skill. The exact content of this training depends on the position that you applied for and can consist of hard and soft skills. Devoteam offers a wide variety of IT-traineeships like DevOps, Data & Analytics, Microservices, and more.


The training takes place in four full time months, this is one month more than most other employers take. After the training, it is time to join a project at one of the clients. Here you continue to expand your knowledge that you obtained during the training.

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First of all, Devoteam invests in you by providing your training as well as your salary during the traineeship. Once your training is finished, you are a Young Professional who has the skills to work in the field. Because of this, Devoteam wants you in for the long run.


Secondly, you gain hands-on experience within multiple areas of the field, which gives you a better understanding of what you like and whatnot.

Last but not least, you will earn official certificates that boost your résumé and increase your market value, even after the training period.


The starting salary of a trainee is relatively lower than the salary of someone that already has the same function from a non-trainee position. However, the salary increases exponentially within the first 2 years of working as a consultant.

The salary and training costs from a trainee can rise quite quickly. This means that Devoteam wants to protect the investment that they made in you. This is usually in the form of a “breakup contract”. This contract secures your obligation to pay back (partly) the costs if you decide to leave the company early.

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Finding the right job takes time, considering that this is the start of your (new) career. So, it is worth spending your time to make a proper decision.


A traineeship can be quite intensive, so make sure that the contents fit your interest. And, make sure that the training adds value to your résumé and fits your ambitions. It is always good to talk to a recruiter if you want to know more before you apply.


Finally, do not forget to keep in mind everything else that you would do when you apply for a regular position. After all, you are going to apply for a fulltime job!

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